Long time there was no enough information about famous Shakhmanay who became well-known with his high quality blades in 2nd half of XIX century. As a result of long-time search our colleague Khosar Khosarov had found the place of bury of famous bladesmith.

Our colleague Khosar Khosarov during long-time searching had found in village Ghelli (Karabudakhkent district, Daghestan) a tombstone of famous Koumyk bladesmith Shakhmanay.

Due the shape of the upper part of the stone we see that Shakhmanay went in pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina.

The full text reads "Skillful master died, pilgrim of both shrines Shakhmanay son of Amir-Ali. May Allah mercy them both. Year 1301".

We thank Khosar Khosarov for his enthusiasm in searching the tombstone of famous Koumyk bladesmith Shakhmanay.

Our research continues...

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